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Family Flow adopts a much broader approach to creating a flow within the family home than simply de-cluttering the house. The approach includes de-cluttering, sorting, developing clever storage systems for each room, finding a practical home for everything, getting each family member involved in the whole process so that they can feel the growth within their own home and hence respect the changes that will enable their Family to Flow. Additionally, cookery lessons and meal planning may be included. This can be anything from healthy school lunches to family dinners to delicious dinner party dishes.

Carolynn is a qualified Montessori Teacher and her early career included administrative positions in a number of organizations (including Barnardos), a number of teaching roles and the setting up and running of her own Montessori school.

Carolynn’s interest and awareness of the Family Flow concept has been developing for quite some time. She comes from a family of 8 children and with 4 children herself, she is deeply aware of the need for harmony, co-operation and mutual respect within family life.

Carolynn has worked with numerous families, both large and small with huge success. Her level of energy and enthusiasm for what she does has been reflected in the hugely positive feedback from all of her clients.

Want to Join Our Growing Team?

We have a vision of helping as many families out there as possible, and so, we are always on the look for people who are hungry to take initiative and who want to work in a fun, rewarding and different working environment. Good rates and for the right person, the chance to grow with the company. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, feel free to drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you!

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